Temperature/Flood Sensors

Asset protection with Parakeet keeps repair costs low and occupancy rates high.

Luckily, property damage caused by freezing or flooding doesn’t happen to every rental property, but when it does, it’s expensive. When a disaster strikes, property availability and revenues decrease, while damage repairs and insurance rates increase. Cleanup costs, insurance dealings and the time expense of managing these different efforts is extensive.

In a freeze or flood situation, a few minutes can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Parakeet’s technology monitors your properties 24/7 and alerts the property manager when freeze or flood conditions exist. Early detection of these conditions allows the property manager to take immediate action and often avoid damages and losses completely.

The Parakeet platform sends out automatic alerts via text message and email, so the property manager is notified quickly and empowered to take the appropriate action.

Here’s How It Works

A combination of flood and temperature sensors are placed strategically on the floor near an appliance that requires water such as a washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator with an icemaker. If the sensor detects water, it sends out an alert notifying the property manager that there is a leak.

If the temperature drops below a preselected temperature, the system sends out an alert and allows the property management staff to take immediate action. This early warning may even allow the property manager the much-needed time to prevent damage completely.

Power and internet are often unreliable, especially in inclement weather. With Parakeet, you don’t need to worry about internet and power outages as our platform uses cellular technology and cloud-based software along with battery-powered lock hardware. Alerts are sent via email or text message and can be received anywhere in the world.


1. Get notified instantly of freeze and flood conditions to your cell phone via text message and email.

2. Drastically reduce the response time and minimize or eliminate property damage entirely.

3. Enjoy peace of mind that your properties are being monitored 24/7.

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