Screenshot of iPad showing Parakeet's mobile platform

Parakeet was developed with the professional property manager and their daily workflow in mind. The system offers at-a-glance view and status of all the properties in your entire portfolio, or you can drill down into details of a specific unit. At-a-glance views can be filtered and sorted as needed to help you monitor and manage your portfolio of properties quickly and easily.

Parakeet’s multi-tiered permissions allow the property manager the ability to grant access, administration, and control to different users. That means office staff can handle certain processes but not have access to more secure functions within the Parakeet system.

Our access log report allows you to track and monitor your staff’s entry and exit into each property. This management tool will provide you with a new level of data and insight into your staff’s activity at any property, anytime.

Our platform has solved many of the daily challenges as well as the daily expenses that you face as a property manager. You now have control over doors, garage doors, and thermostats, and flood and freeze sensors across all your distributed rental properties.

Creating an easy to use, centralized control point for multiple rental properties is the fundamental design principle of the Parakeet dashboard. We recognized the current management workflow is both inefficient and difficult for managing distributed properties and we set out to solve these problems with our state of the art technology.

Parakeet technology combines the benefits of home automation with the flexibility of cloud-based software to provide the most reliable and flexible centralized control management platform for distributed rental properties.

Parakeet’s platform is built using a private, reliable cellular gateway, so your property automation tasks are not Wi-Fi dependent. In addition to our cellular system, we also offer a Wi-Fi system, which works well for some property types.

Property managers now have the flexibility to manage their properties from anywhere in the world. Our hardware is battery powered so if local power is lost, your doors still function.

Want to get started but don’t have the time? We know you need to spend your time managing your portfolio of rental properties and not learning complex software. We offer both professional and do-it-yourself installation kits so getting up and running with Parakeet is sure to fit your schedule and budget.

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