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Parakeet is now Brivo.
We are now excited to announce that Parakeet is now part of Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based physical security solutions.
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For the Property Manager

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Using Parakeet, property managers can focus exclusively on maximizing profits, providing the best possible experience for the guest and increasing bookings. Parakeet also allows for remote staff monitoring all from one central dashboard.

Parakeet’s reliable cellular gateway and cloud-based dashboard enable property managers to control locks, garage doors, thermostats and monitoring sensors from one central, cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any computer or smartphone. Parakeet’s platform also collects data for property managers to track, monitor and manage their staff.

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The property manager has 24/7 access control and management of all their properties, drastically reducing operating expenses and energy cost. Over the course of a decade, property managers using the Parakeet home automation system save an average of $46,000 in time savings and $250 per unit on rekeying savings.

Parakeet has the most reliable home automation solution for vacation rental property managers on the market. Unlike Wi-Fi based systems, a local Internet outage will not affect the usability of Parakeet technology.

No more time wasted racing from property to property. No more trips to properties for key exchanges. No more lost keys and no more rekeying locks. Guests automatically receive a unique door and garage code via email or text that expires upon check out.

If you manage vacation rental properties, floods and freezes are a constant threat. Avoid costly damage by using sensors that automatically notify you if potential freeze or flood conditions exist. Remote thermostat control keeps homeowner’s expenses down by automating the thermostat before the guest arrives and after they leave.

Moving daily property management tasks into the cloud empowers you to gain an edge in the industry. Spend more time focusing on bookings and profits and less time running between your properties. Worry less, knowing that properties are being constantly monitored by the Parakeet system.

With Parakeet, homeowners benefit from increased revenue, increased security, lower energy expenses, asset protection and peace of mind.

Vacation rentals must make financial sense for the homeowner. That means increasing revenue, lowering expenses, and decreasing the risk of catastrophic property damage. By controlling keys, garage doors, thermostats and monitoring for freeze and flood conditions remotely, homeowners are will drastically reduce overhead expenses.

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Automating your vacation rentals creates a better, more hotel-like experience for the guest leaving them happy and more likely to provide favorable reviews and share their experience on social media.

Keyless locks offer increased security. Property managers no longer need to deal with the hassle of lost keys, doors being left open or leaving a key at the property. Just issue a one-time door code that expires upon guest checkout.

As a homeowner, you understand that keeping energy expenses minimal is a must for the financial success of your property. Smart home control has been demonstrated to improve gas efficiency by up to 38% and electricity by up to 11%. Using our system, HVAC can be scheduled to run immediately before and after guest’s stay, eliminating energy waste. Over the course of a decade, homeowners using the Parakeet home automation system save an average of $2,500 on energy savings and $2,000 on freeze/flood savings.

Mitigate property damage, repair costs and avoid insurance rate increases based on properly damage incidents. Increase property uptime and occupancy rates on all your distributed vacation rental properties.

Parakeet automation increases profits, occupancy rates, creates a better guest experience and most importantly gives homeowners peace of mind.

Guests receive a superior experience with the convenience of no key exchanges, flexible check-ins, no lost keys, keyless access to entry doors and no need for garage door clickers. Keep guests coming back with a seamless, hotel-like experience.

For the guest, it’s all about the experience. The vacation rental market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your guests’ visits are stress-free.

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Make the experience convenient and easy for the guest while avoiding the need for on-site key exchanges. Allow the guest to open doors with a unique code as well as open and close the garage door by sending a text message from their cell phone. Creating a seamless experience leads to a higher guest satisfaction, better online reviews, and increased social media engagement.

Vacations should be carefree. Make the guest experience effortless with Parakeet.

See how Brivo elevates your multifamily property with integrated access control, remote management, video and smart building automations to help you save time, improve security and increase revenues.
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Software and Devices


Keyless Entry



Garage Door


Parakeet was developed with the professional vacation property manager and their daily workflow in mind. The system offers at-a-glance view and status of all the properties in your entire portfolio, or you can drill down into details or a specific property. At-a-glance views can be filtered and sorted as needed to help you monitor and manage your portfolio of properties quickly and easily.

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Keyless Entry

Key exchanges, lost keys and rekeying have been time-consuming and costly tasks for property managers. Using Parakeet, these tasks can be completely eliminated from your operations as well as your expenses.

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Wasted energy and high utility bills are costly to the homeowner. Energy management is critical to the bottom line of any vacation rental property. Parakeet allows property managers to control thermostats remotely, eliminating the unnecessary heating and cooling of vacant properties.

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Temperature/Flood Sensor

Asset protection with Parakeet keeps repair costs low and occupancy rates high.

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Garage Door Control

Stop worrying about the hassle of garage door openers, exchanges, lost clickers and guests leaving the garage door open. Parakeet turns the guest’s cell phone into their garage door opener and allows property managers to control garage doors remotely.

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