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Birdbrain Easy Packages



  • 1 gateway
  • 1 thermostat


$499 (+$20 for lever lock)

  • 1 gateway
  • 1 lock



  • 1 gateway
  • 1 lock
  • 1 thermostat

Pricing and Fees

Hardware and Service Fees

Description Price
Monthly Service Fee (per property) $14.99
Cellular Gateway $249.99
Keyless Deadbolt Lock $249.99
Keyless Lever Lock $269.99
Garage Door Controller $149.99
Flood/Freeze Sensor $69.99
Thermostat $159.99
Door/Window Sensor $49.99
Network Repeater (as needed) $34.99

Parakeet facilitated installation begin at $150 per property.

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