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Airbnb Home Automation

Airbnb is changing the vacation rental and timeshare industry forever. Posting your properties on Airbnb is a great way to earn extra income and becoming an Airbnb host can be a profitable full-time job. If you are a full-time Airbnb host, it is important to have tools and systems in place to maximize the guest experience, comfort level, property security and increase efficiencies for you, the host.

The Parakeet Vacation Rental Platform is a complete solution for Airbnb hosts who need to remove the need for key exchanges, eliminate manual thermostat management, stop replacing and paying for lost garage door clickers and protect client assets. Parakeet takes the headaches out of the Airbnb guest experience and allows the host to management more properties in less time and with less staff.

Software and Devices

Parakeet’s system has been designed specifically to make managing distributed properties easier by giving the property manager centralized control from a computer or cell phone. The gateway utilizes cellular technology and is extremely reliable.

Keyless Entry



Garage Doors

Keyless Entry

No more rushing around town to meet guests when they arrive and check out. This single inefficiency is costing you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually. Using Parakeet, Airbnb hosts set a custom entry code for each guest that is emailed or texted to the guests cellphone prior to arrival. After the guests stay, the codes become invalid to ensure security is maintained at the property. Door codes can also be assigned to housekeeping and maintenance staff and entry and exit from each property can be monitored from the Parakeet dashboard.

Thermostat Control

Automating thermostats can reduce energy for homeowners by 20% per month. Energy savings alone offset the entire cost of the Parakeet system! Airbnb hosts no longer need to physically travel to properties to adjust the thermostat for the guest stay. Just log into the Parakeet Dashboard, select the property you wish to manage and simply update the temperature from your computer or smartphone. You can also grant guest control of the thermostat during their stay. Using Parakeet to automate thermostat at your Airbnb properties is a no-brainer.

Temperature/Flood Sensor

Have you ever had a guest flood a residence? Have you ever had pipes freeze or a waterline break within one of your properties? Often, when these events occur, no one is at the property, and the issues go unnoticed for hours or even days. These types of events can cause irreversible damage to your properties and send your profits into a free fall. Using Parakeet, you can set sensors around the property for heat/cold/moisture conditions. When the sensor recognizes these conditions, you immediately receive a text message alert to your cell phone. Parakeet allows Airbnb hosts to enjoy peace of mind knowing their properties are being monitored 24/7.

Garage Door Control

Airbnb properties with garages create another set of tasks and responsibilities for the host including garage door clicker exchange, replacing lost garage door clickers and making sure the garage door is closed when guests have checked out of the property. Garage doors can also be troublesome for housekeeping and maintenance staff when codes need to be reset per guest. Parakeet allows Airbnb hosts to set unique codes for each guest which expire upon guest checkout. The system also allows you to set unique codes for housekeeping and maintenance staff and track who enters and exits the property as well as open/close garage doors remotely.

Here’s How It Works

  • You Get Booked

    1. You Get Booked Through Airbnb

    Congratulations! Someone just booked a stay at your property. Now the fun begins.

  • Parakeet Goes To Work

    2. Parakeet Goes To Work

    Once a booking is entered into the Parakeet platform, it will automatically generate a disposable electronic key code and program the lock for the booking dates. Sit back and relax while Parakeet takes the stress out of Airbnb bookings. You can see the status of all devices and control all you properties remotely from one dashboard on your computer or cell phone.

  • Guest Gets An Email

    3. Your Guest Is Notified

    After the code is programmed into the property lock, Parakeet sends your guests an automatic email with all the booking details. All you have to do is… well, nothing.

  • Everyone Is Happy

    4. Everyone Is Happy

    Guests arrive, punch in their disposable key code, and walk in the door. They’re happy because they don’t have to coordinate with the host. You’re happy because you don’t have to rush to meet your guest. Airbnb is happy because of the improved experience you provide. Good job!

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